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Dr. Hal Brown Prolotherapy and PRP

PRP treatments were the most effective for me...My hip injury in 2005 seemed to be the end of the road....The success of Dr. Brown’s treatment culminated in my 2011 performance at the World Masters Athletics Championship, where I finished 9th out of 27 in the 1500, running my best time since 2005!

For 3 years I have been walking with a limp and back pain... (with) the amazing Prolotherapy and PRP from Dr. Hal Brown I have recovered significantly... I am able to jog, work out and play competition badminton which I thought I would never play again since my injury.

A few sessions of PRP with Dr. Hal Brown was well worth the time and money as it would have cost more time, money and inconvenience to have surgery again or to leave the injury to worsen over time 

"Today my back feels significantly stronger. My whole body actually feels quite different"

"I have discovered prolotherapy, and it's like discovering a miracle cure"

Dr. Brown: "I'm pretty wowed how my body has healed with the PRP over time"

"Now, thanks to Dr. Hal Brown and prolotherapy, I'm back on the trails and have finally started running again after a full year off"

It was amazing, I feel like my old self, it was so rapid... I can't believe more people are not aware of the PRP treatment.

"My pain level was reduced to the point that I could return to work. Prolotherapy truly works and is the only treatment that has provided me with long term pain reduction"

"Under Dr. Hal Brown's prolotherapy care I have been able to continue my beloved annual backpacking expedition into the wilderness every summer"

"After 10 years of feeling defeated by severe low back pain, I now have a whole new outlook."

"I can recommend it wholeheartedly"

"My daily pain has subsided, and I have a better quality of life... Thanks to you I have my life back and it continues to get better each day".

"Prolotherapy treatment with Dr. Hal Brown has added 10 years to my life and I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems"

"I have the same ROM (range of motion) I had previous to developing frozen shoulder."

"I had just about given up on ever being free of pain of ever getting well again until I received prolotherapy treatments"  Thank you Dr. Hal Brown