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"The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness" 
- Arthur Schopenhauer

"Having good health is very different from only being not sick"
- Seneca The Younger, 50 AD

"One should eat to live, not live to eat"
- Benjamin Franklin

Wild Mountain Arnica

The Importance of low Carbohydrate Low Glycemic Diets and its Long Term Effect on Health

Fats don't make you Fat, Carbohydrates Do!

I am a great fan of Yoga


Chemicals Within Us

National Geographic's October 2006 issue looks at the accumulation of environmental toxins in the human body. The magazine spent $15,000 to discover a fightening accumulation of chemicals and metals stored within the author's body. Unfortunately the writer is not aware of the benefits of naturopathic detoxification methods and of heavy metal chelation.

Scientifically Proven Facts About Mercury & Dental Amalgam

Authorised by the Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Watch a video of :
University of Calgary
Department of Medicine

Many people are aware of concerns reported in the media regarding certain plastics and their potential for adverse effects on health. This user-friendly guide to understanding plastics found in the house, what they contain, and what the alternatives are is scientifically sound.

Lifestyle Counselling and the Foundations of Health
In order to make improvements in your health, I believe it is important to first address the basics. This involves developing a sound lifestyle foundation based on:
  • your physiological and genetically appropriate diet
  • regular exercise
  • adequate sleep, rest and recreation
  • supportive personal relationships
  • emotional, psychological and spiritual balance

Paradise Valley, Spruce Lake Rec.
Although we all understand the need to eat well, exercise more, and give up addictions to foods and substances; our actions frequently fall short of our good intentions. It is often difficult to change life long habits of eating, drinking and inertia to activity. At Integrative Healing Arts we understand the challenge of incorporating lifestyle changes and are committed to assisting you in your process.

The naturopathic nutritional programs recommended to you may at first seem contrary to popular opinion, or to your sense that you are already eating well. Incorporating changes to your diet that involve eliminating common foods because of sensitivities, allergies, blood sugar handling stresses and blood type can at first seem overwhelming. For these reasons, our clinical assistant can help you organize your shopping and meal planning, make recipe suggestions, and help develop strategies to gradually incorporate changes.

Help is also available for exercise programs, stopping smoking, weight loss and referral for counselling if required.

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Detoxification and Health
Not only is optimal health dependant on eating properly, exercise, sleep and healthy social relations, but it is also important to recognize the health risks from accumulated toxins, environmental poisons and heavy metals. Simple screening tests available at the Integrative Healing Arts clinic can indicate whether the body is carrying a heavy metal load, and if the liver and kidneys are capable of detoxifying effectively. If required there are numerous naturopathic methods for detoxification, which can be individualized for your needs.

For more information on naturopathic detoxification see Drs. Peter Bennett and Stephen Barrie's book: The 7 Day De-Tox Miracle.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

"Research has shown fructose to be particularly harmful to human health. Unlike excess glucose, which passes through our digestive tract and is excreted, 100 percent of fructose that's consumed is taken up by the liver. Once there, fructose causes increased fat deposition in the abdominal cavity and increased blood levels of triglycerides -- both of which are risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. So, over a lifetime, the HFCS in the 53 gallons of soda per year the average American drinks thus increases their fructose consumption compared to table sugar, and probably adds up to big health problems." Read the full article: Corn again:  What a ‘sweet surprise’! HFCS contains more fructose than believed.  Author: Tom Laskawy

Also Read "The Plague of High Fructose Corn Syrup in Processed Foods"



Take this quiz to determine your biological or "real" age and assess the risk factors that may impact on your wellness and longevity.  This is only a general informational guide and does not indicate any diagnosis or prognosis.  If your biological/"real" age is greater than your chronological age you may wish to consult a naturopathic physician to get the help you need to optimize your health potential.  The chronological age, is how old you are, the biological age is an estimate of health status expressed as an age in years. Ideally we would like to see our "real" age to be less than our chronological age rather than the other way around.

Download Quiz Here

Heavy Metal Toxins

Hair Analysis, an effective method for testing for heavy metal load in the body.