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Biological Terrain Assessment or B.T.A. is based on work by Professor Vincent, a *French hydrologist, who developed this method of testing to determine the "terrain" of the body. The terrain, or condition of the body and its functions, gives indications of a predisposition towards various disease states.

The B.T.A., in essence, gives us a more effective glimpse into your future health status, primarily with regard to risk factors and tendencies toward chronic degenerative diseases. It is a valuable PREDICTIVE tool that complements our other diagnostic procedures (i.e., VEGA, muscle testing, case histories etc. ) and is made all the more necessary by our toxic environment and stressful lifestyles. It can give us greater insight into PREVENTATIVE medicine for a long, healthy life.

The applications of B.T.A. are many. We can determine the general status of the body, and whether it is eliminating toxins adequately. For the individual wanting to be pro-active about maintaining good health, B.T.A. testing will help determine if the body is balanced and toxicity is low, or if lifestyle adjustments are required to improve the terrain, and thus reduce the risk of future health problems.

For those with chronic, degenerative disease, such as cancer, arthritis, or heart disease, B.T.A. allows your doctor to determine the biological terrain and thus monitor how this terrain, or health status, changes with therapy.
Although the B.T.A. does not diagnose disease, it does indicate how well you are even before you have any OBVIOUS symptoms of dis-ease, or tells where the imbalances are if you are already ill. It ASSISTS your doctor in giving you the most EFFECTIVE treatment and remedies for your specific internal constitution.

The procedure is simple, and takes only a few minutes. Required are a morning urine sample, a saliva sample, and a small blood sample that is taken by our lab technician. We also ask that you bring a sample of your drinking water, as this (as well as diet) affects the body terrain. Your doctor will discuss the computer-generated results with you on a subsequent visit.

Whatever your age or state of health, this assessment is able to provide valuable information, and allow you to find out "how you're doing".