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Patients' Comments:

I have discovered prolotherapy, and it's like discovering a miracle cure. Having had an extension injury in my shoulder and lived with it for 5 years, not knowing there was a way it could be cured, I was very happy to discover that there was a way to cure it! I am now able to do
activities I could not do without incurring pain and discomfort, and I now have strength and endurance in the joint that I have not experienced for a long time. Prolotherapy works.

Thank you!

Ellen Halliday
Vancouver, B.C.

Working with Hal through manipulations and prolotherapy for the last two months has really transformed my body. I have been a tree planter for the last 9 years and an acrobat for even longer. My body is my temple but it is also my “money maker” and my creative outlet.  For the past several years I’ve developed increasingly severe lower back pain. Working at the Vancouver Circus School for the past year my back pain reached the point of unbearable, and my lumbar spine started to slip out of place.  I exhausted every treatment I could find; acupuncture, yoga, physiotherapy, rolfing, massage and chiropractic. Nothing gave me anything more than temporary relief. Fortunately a close friend and one of Hal’s fourth year students at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine recommended Hal. Two months ago we started prolotherapy treatments. Today my back feels significantly stronger. My whole body actually feels quite different, my posture has improved and my movements come from a place of stability and alignment. I’m back on the trapeze and flipping on the trampolines in total comfort, it’s incredible how quickly the treatments took effect. Hal was also such a pleasure to be treated by. He has an incredible way of reading your body and knowing what needs to be healed. 

Thanks Hal, when I’m back in town come by and jump on the circus trampolines! 


Dawn Brinkman, Vancouver

I began prolotherapy with Hal in March, 2008 after my brother's friend recommended I see him.  I had an accident in May, 2003, when I was catapulted through the air and injured my left shoulder, arm, and back.  I had endured constant pain, which varied in intensity from moderate to excruciating pain for almost five years when I began the treatment. At the time of the accident, I was teaching Physical Education, coaching sports, and was extremely active in my spare time.  Suddenly, I was unable to do my job, any of my favourite outdoor sports/activities or even my housework.  I tried everything over the next five years; chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, and many other treatments including Botox injections.  I was getting worse instead of better and I was taken off work by a specialist. Some days my head would be stuck sideways due to muscle spasms and pain or I would get 'stuck' when my back went into spasm suddenly. Most days, I couldn't lift my left arm to put my coat on due to the searing pain in my shoulder.   I had been on disability for over a year when I began having prolotherapy. After my first treatment I could turn my head fully from side to side, which  I hadn't been able to do for years. My pain level was reduced to the point that I could return to work this past September (2008).  Prolotherapy truly works and is the only treatment that has provided me with long term pain reduction. The tingling and numbness I was feeling in my hand even went away.  I'm forever grateful to Hal for his caring, compassionate nature and his knowledge/skill/talent which has put me on the path to recovery.   

Carolanne Oswald, Victoria B.C.

Karen-ride-outI have been an avid hiker, distance runner, cyclist, yogi, and generally active person for years. Almost 2 years ago I developed a nagging ache in my hip that, over the course of about 6 months, progressed to intense pain and weakness. Any exercise became impossible, and even walking uphill was difficult. It even hurt to sit still. The hardest part for me was not being able to run. I tried everything — physiotherapy, massage, sports medicine, acupuncture, natural remedies, medication, chiropractic — but nobody could even explain what was wrong, let alone help my hip.

Six months ago, I went to see Hal on the recommendation of a friend. He was able to determine the cause of my pain and weakness on my first visit, and immediately started me on a course of prolotherapy. I was apprehensive at first — I wasn't sure how injecting dextrose into my joints was going to help, but I was desperate and willing to try anything. Now I'm telling everyone about the magic "corn syrup" injections (dextrose is a sugar derived from corn) that finally fixed my hip problem. (Since I do research that is largely based on criticizing our corn-based food and agriculture system, most people – including me – find this quite amusing.)

Now, thanks to Hal and prolotherapy, I'm back on the trails and have finally started running again after a full year off. I'm almost completely pain free and feeling stronger by the day.....and it feels GOOD!!

Karen Rideout
Vancouver, BC

Dear Dr. Brown:

GG Your prolotherapy treatments have changed my life. After 10 years of feeling defeated by severe low back pain, I now have a whole new outlook. Pain levels are down by 90%. No longer confined to short day hikes, I can now do what I love and carry a backpack into the mountains. I've started running the forest trails again. I sleep through the night and no longer wake several times yelling in pain. I feel more rested and relaxed after a decade of chronic fatigue from poor sleep. I get out of bed each morning with enthusiasm.

Thank you for your skillful and sensitive administration of prolotherapy.  I am and will be forever grateful.

Garry G.,
Vancouver, B.C.

Follow up message 4/9/07:

I have another significant prolo win to share with you.   It relates to the theatre seat" symptoms which I've presented for years. Once a favourite thing to do, I've gradually withdrawn from going to the theatre or movies because it's so uncomfortable for me. I typically squirm through every performance. Friends who've been to shows & movies with me know better than to invite me out again.  On Friday my girlfriend took me to see Romeo & Juliet at Bard on the Beach which was 3 hours long. I sat up straight and was relaxed in my body and low back throughout the show. That really got my attention! I don't recall being able to do that for over a decade, at least. I've decided to invite her to a show now. Something I wouldn't have wasted time or money on in the past.

Another valued aspect of my life, once narrowed and frustrating, is now reinstated. My life continues to be enriched by the incredible work you are doing. And I am so very grateful.

Thank you again and again!!


MartinAttached is a snapshot of me (bearded/foreground) laying a floor in a cabin. Precisely one year earlier I was almost immobile from back strain despite my many years of Pilates, etc. After a brief series of manipulations and acupuncture with Hal I opted for prolotherapy. The results were immediate and enduring. Ok, the process is painful but there is no doubt in my mind as to its effectiveness and safety. With Dr. Brown's able hand I have addressed some long-standing/chronic injuries and have resumed all of my activities - many of which - such as Pilates, Tai Chi and cabin renovations - require a strong and flexible body. I can recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks Hal.

Martin Gotfrit
(born 1952)


I've had Hal Brown as my naturopathic practitioner for for the past 15 years now, and he's always helped me with the aches and pains that come with the physical aspects of my job as a gardener. About 6 years ago, I developed a chronic, nagging pain in the lower lumbar area of my back. Hal would treat me for it, but the pain always returned. He said that I'd damaged the ligaments in the area, and suggested prolotherapy as a means to rebuild and strengthen them. I was sceptical at first, but decided to try it. After undergoing 6 treatments, I've been pain free for the past 3 months, the problem cured.

Now, when I get out of bed every morning with no back ache, I think to myself "God bless ya Hal".

Phillip Beck,

I was experiencing elbow pain for 3 months without any relief.  My GP diagnosed it as tennis elbow and said it would heal itself.  It did not.  I was experiencing limited function and strength in my arm, constant pain, bad enough to disturb my sleep.  Dr. Brown gave me two prolotherapy treatments and adjustments to my elbow, the strength has returned to my arm and the pain is almost gone.

Tom Howe



Thank you Dr. Hal Brown,

I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Hal Brown not only for easing my pain each time I see him but most importantly to him for restoring my spirit. I had just about given up on ever being free of pain of ever getting well again until I received prolotherapy treatments.

I had seen so many doctors, been hospitalized so many times, done shiatsu, acupuncture, with no improvement at all. Sometimes I would get a little relief from pain that did not even last the whole day. Then I went to see Dr. Brown for prolotherapy. He is a very good listener. He is very patient and he is very good at healing. He makes sure I leave his office feeling better than I came in.

Before I went to see Dr. Brown I felt like I was sinking in quick sand very slowly with everyone looking on and nobody helping me. My body was twisted my neck had disappeared into my chest my stomach was always bloated people always asked me how far along my pregnancy was, but I was not pregnant. Even in the Hospital whenever I was being admitted the first test they would do was for pregnancy.  Ask any woman who wanted to have children but couldn’t how they would feel being asked if they are pregnant when they are not, or about being tested for pregnancy when there isn’t even the remotest chance that they could be.   

Everyone tells you about losing weight, changing your diet, exercising without knowing you or knowing the details of your health. I had been tested through the medical system for almost anything they could think of. I know everything I don’t have but they don’t know what I wrong with me because they don’t listen. They go by the text book. Dr. Brown listened and continues to listen and treat me. Each time I come with a different problem- I always leave feeling much much better than I came in feeling. I am beginning to see my neck again, my skin is looking and feeling alive again.

Maria Bitamba

A cure for the incurable…
My medical doctor said to me that I had “Incurable ulcerative colitis and that I had better start taking some (expensive) drugs and join a support group”.  After thinking about that for a moment, and deciding I was not going to have this disease, I said to myself, “You’re no longer my doctor”.  I decided to go the natural, alternative route and a friend recommended Hal. Hal spent the time to work with me in finding out all the internal and external causes.

After some testing, we found that I had allergies to a variety of foods. I also discovered I had some external stress in my life that I never made the connection was contributing to my condition. Hal had advised me that it was possible to reduce my symptoms if not cure them completely – but it would take some work. Hal designed a strict program for me to follow, and I followed it!

Within 10 months, I was completely symptom free. Not only did I stop having symptoms of colitis, I learned how my body works with food and how to manage my diet and stress levels for optimal health.

It is now 8 years later and I have not had one symptom. I am completely cured. I am eternally grateful for this result.

Don Epp
Burnaby BC

"When I first saw Hal (should it be Dr. Brown??) in 1999 I had been off work for several months with a number of chronic health problems, some of which dated back 28 years. As a teenager I missed most of grade 10 due to health problems, and later, in my early years of practicing law, I was off work for close to a year. I saw more allopathic specialists than I can count and was getting nowhere with allopathic medicine. One specialist told me that I had a condition that would very likely prevent me from working and having regular relationships for the rest of my life. Nothing could have been further from the truth!

Within 1.5 months of seeing Dr. Brown, I began experiencing consistently positive, dramatic health benefits. I have since fully recovered my health, embarked upon a new and exciting career and have the energy and excitement to live a full and satisfying life."

Anne O’Neil
Vancouver BC


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Hal Brown for being an essential part of my Vancouver healing team -- whenever some ache or pain sends me the message that I am not taking good enough care of myself. A friend recommended him to me several years ago when I was suffering from a lower back problem. The pain was rather typical lower back pain until the disk “ruptured.” When it became excruciating and chronic, doctors at Vancouver General Hospital recommended an operation to place rods into my lower back to stabilize the spinal column. Dr. Brown asked me to wait for 6 months. With his guidance, he told me that I could learn how to heal my own body's structural pain. And, I did! I have no back pain any more. What did he do? He carefully examined me. It was not the usual examination. For the first time, I felt that a doctor was able to integrate all the body parts. But more. He integrated the body, the emotions, the overall energy, and he was able to help me to listen to both the primary and secondary causes of the pain. To this day, when I walk into his office, I sense that he understands my whole being. And he treats me with respect and good humor. Nothing is too hard to deal with. While I cannot attempt to understand what has taken him thirty years to learn, I do know that he has a gift in caring and healing. I know he will take the time required to find the origin of the problem so that I can work on it , deal with it, and in many cases heal it on my own.

Ricki Goldman, PhD
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Many years ago my physician recommended that I see Hal Brown , since my physical system was in fact deteriorating rapidly due to previous and earlier life choices. In my childhood, and teenage days I witnessed events that 75% of the general human species could not have seen or experienced , and I carried these images around until Hal began treatment some 20 years ago. Presently I see Hal perhaps 2 or three times a year for maintenance and check up, and I strongly believe that I would not be here to type this mail today if it was not for Hal Brown and his colleagues, and I am now closing in on 78yrs of age. Some idea of the malfunctions of my human system was evidenced in the Liver, Lungs, Bowel, Kidneys and several other "minor organs" that form the essence of life, that were not functioning as designed, particularly with other organs. Hal taught me to understand what the human body could do, and the body knows what is good for its survival. I participated in a video for Integrated Healing Arts some years ago, and my convictions today have not changed, from that video, Dr.Hal Brown is a life saver albeit my own, and I suspect many other people on this planet. I would have no difficulty recommending Hal Brown to any potential patient. May God bless him and his associates, and to continue their good work, ad infinitum.

Peter Dobson

I have eczema accompanied with asthma. Skin specialists and physicians had been telling me until recently that I would have to use hydrocortisones and oral steroids for the rest of my life. I had a constant itch in my skin. With the medicines I was taking, the relief was instantaneous but the symptoms never left me. The asthma, the eczema and the itch were always there.

Dr. Brown was recommended to me by a mutual friend and we started on a course of action that has lead to steady improvement beyond what I had thought possible.

In just a few months I was able to wean myself off all hydrocortisones and I now use asthma drugs rarely. ...and most significantly, the constant itch left me some time last year and I'm coming to realize this is normal for me.

Dr Brown's approach has been one of compassion and humour.

It has been important for me to understand that compared to traditional western medicine, improvement is measured sometimes in weeks and months but the effects are more permanent ... and there are no side effects.

I will continue my path of discovery with Dr.Brown.

With thanks and appreciation
Tim Whillans

When I came to see Dr Hal Brown in December of 2004 I was very sick. He gave me confidence in my own abilty to heal myself using his guidance and my own hard work. Getting better was not easy and I confess I hated the initial cleanse consisting of veggies, rice and protein shakes. But I suffered through the experience of stripping myself of my addictions (sugar, carbs etc) and now that I'm much better I'm able to enjoy all the delicious foods that bring me so much joy. Hal not only attended to my physical issues, he offered a listening ear and the warmth of a good friend. Once when I was having a particularly hard day, I asked Hal if I could spend the morning in his office. All joking aside, Hal provides a safe place to get better and feel good. I am so pleased to have him to come to for help, both when I am sick and healthy. I highly recommend Dr Hal Brown as a doctor because his empathy, knowledge and genius is undeniable. He is both intuitive and book smart.

Natalie Grunberg
Vancouver, B.C.

Dr. Hal Brown has been one my of health professionals over the past 10 years. I've recommended him often to my friends and colleagues. I find his diagnostic skills at pin-pointing the root of a particular problem (usually pain or body part not working properly) especially brilliant. On one occasion, having to emcee a wedding later that night, I was bent over with inexplicable agonizing back pain. I was able to get in to see him, to get the treatment I needed so I could do my important job that evening. He cheerily worked on me until I was 'as good as new' and then to top it off, gave me some pointers on doing a good job as emcee. He's a doctor with skill, heart, respect and genuine dedication.

Peter Clement
Proctor BC

Having worked with you for over four years now, I have many other reasons for which to appreciate you. For myself, I appreciate how you put into practice the philosophy of supporting me on my particular healing journey, whether in my own approach or in following the solutions you offer. I wish you could fix all my problems in the next appointment, but since that isn’t going to happen, I’ll just list a few of the things you have done for me.

The first thing I remember is how you helped me identify residual radiation poisoning in the leg which had been scanned for bone density and had never been the same since that scan. We have come a long way with removing the problem and others that came as ‘fallout’ from the scan. I have been working on possibly the most complex case of mercury poisoning you’ll ever see - and have found your most recent suggestion for how I can bind the mercury now coming out of my bones most helpful. I often don’t enjoy my treatments with you as they frequently involve injections, but I always appreciate the knowledge and logic behind them. We have also identified and treated a number of residual viral and bacterial infections long protected by the mercury in my soft tissues. Necessary, not fun, but done with Sanum remedies and other homeopathics so it went as well as it possibly could.

What you have achieved for my family members in just a few appointments is truly remarkable. My husband had severe foot pain which finally led to his consulting you in the week before he was leaving on an overseas sailing holiday. Two appointments using a combination of your chiropractic and neural therapy skills had him pain-free before he left. Scar treatment on my brother-in-law’s back surgery incision reduced his pain and increased his mobility considerably. Three treatments for pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome resulted in my sister’s full recovery within two weeks of seeing you.

In short, I admire and respect your wide knowledge and remarkable range of healing skills. I appreciate your honesty and humour and most of all your ability to accept and explore the validity of my knowledge even if it challenges yours. You have a rare combination of confidence and humility.

Thank you.


Barbara Alldritt,
Vancouver BC

As a 23 year old in 1996, I met Dr. Brown and was immediately touched by his caring attitude.

Among my health concerns was a recurring infection that subsided when I was on antibiotics but then would return when I was off them.  The only suggestion of medical doctors was to keep prescribing stronger antibiotics. Dr. Brown suggested I stop taking the antibiotics immediately and recommended various natural remedies and diet changes. Within a short period the infection disappeared and never returned. Additionally, my acne vanished, my energy levels picked up dramatically, sleep improved, and as well, another on-going embarrassing problem ended.

A few years later I was involved in a car accident where I was hit by another car from the side. Months later I still had the on going fear while driving that at any moment I was going to be hit again. I was treated with the NET method, and the fear went away and never came back.

Then years later, a few tiny red spots appeared in my eye area. After a couple of months, I went to a GP and his response was that there was nothing that could be done about them, they were merely the products of getting older and pointed to a whole bunch of similar specks on his face. Dr. Brown examined them and said they were due to toxins not being released in my face from clenching my jaw during the night. He recommended I get a night splint made from my dentist. Three days after using the splint the red spots disappeared and never came back.

Thanks again for nine great years!

Mike P.
Vancouver BC

I have been a patient of Dr. Hal Brown for many years and words cannot begin to express my gratitude toward him and my admiration for him as a person and a doctor.

It's very difficult to be succinct in describing the many qualities Dr. Brown brings to his practice.

  • He is exceptionally caring and when treating me, he always puts me first.
  • I appreciate that he works so hard to make me feel better and to support me at my optimum health. 
  • He is always willing to challenge himself in the support of making me feel better.
  • All these years he has put me first and has supported me warmly and solidly even in my work with other practitioners.
  • He has a genuine love for people and authentically wants his clients to function at optimum health.
  • He always gives you whatever time you need for treatment. I was never rushed.
  • He is on time.
  • He is compassionate in listening to your health concerns. 
  • Most than everything else he has a great sense of humor. I always have a laugh in his office. 

Throughout my dealings with Dr. Brown I have found him to be professional, responsible and caring. When you combine all these traits including the positive value of laughter, you’ve got the perfect formula for a doctor. 

Monica Magnetti
Life/Wellness Coach
Luna Coaching

I have been a patient of Dr. Hal Brown's for the past 20 years. During that time I have been involved in several car accidents--from which he has managed to successfully realign me... and in various dips and dives from optimal health, for which he has prescribed supplements, IV drips, manipulation, acupuncture, and various other treatments. In time of need, I seek Dr. Brown's support. His confident, welcoming presence is always the first step towards returning health--as many of my friends have also discovered, on referral. I am grateful that I and my health have been supported by such a knowledgeable healer.

Thanks Dr. Brown

Shannon Tipple

The eloquent words written by St. Catherine of Sienna (1347 - 1380) speak to the delightful spaciousness I have experienced since pursuing integrative healing with Dr. Brown.  the care and commitment that Dr. Brown lends to this process compliments his skillful practice instilling a sense of well being.

Renee G.
Vancouver, BC


Herbs can help the body and give
the heart more strength
to love.

When my sight became clearer,
I could see auras around different foods,

and I now know—should I say this?—
that everything can sing.

The songs of fruits and grains will calm,
why not put them into yourself,
a new language you
will learn?

And just from touching life's requirements
close to their source
will add grace to your

More generous eyes we need.
The songs of light
will help

St. Catherine of Sienna (1347 - 1380)

Hello, my name is Jarek Rees. I have been in touch with chiropractic therapy since 1975 as the result of a series whiplash accidents. This set off a course of needed healing which not many are prepared for financially or mentally and being 50 now the deterioration a body sustains from an active lifestyle complicates things more. There are very few people in the world (as I am a active traveller as well) who posses the many healing techniques that Dr Brown has accumulated from his natural approach as a naturopath and incredible knowingness of the body structure. I have been a patient of his clinic for many years and will continue when in Canada for this sort of help is hard to find.

Jarek Rees


Thanks for helping me recover this year. Donna

Your acceptance as your treatment calmed my spirit and made life bearable again. MT


Dear Hal

Strong and steady and always there,
that is what you gave me
as I made my way across this stormy sea.
There is someone on the other side,
always there,
that is what you gave to me.
And on a clear day I can really see you
as light and love
and fire and wisdom
and truth and generosity
and earth
and hands and eyes.
And always you have been there,
this is what you have given me.

Deepest thanks
Vancouver BC


Dear Hal
I want you to know how much I value your care - and how many times it feels like you save my life.

I am in Yelapa[Mexico] on my yearly R&R break, sitting under afternoon birds and boughanvillea- and I think of most gratefully of you. How many times you have used your hands and your mind to heal me and help me find my own inner healing, how often I come to you at my lowest ebb and you find a way to turn my tide and set me back on the road to balance and grace and how surely I am but one of hundereds or maybe thousands who you receive as if each is the only one and I want to thank you for doing what you do the way you do it.

With blessings and many thanks.



Dr. Brown
For good care and for giving me hope and helping me with stamina and strength.