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PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma

Regenerative Injection Therapy,Prolotherapy and PRP,

exciting advancement in pain treatment

The American Journal of Sports Medicine; May 2013

This Study gives positive evidence for the use of PRP in sports injuries. 30 of 34 athletes (88%) with UCL tears in the elbow, had returned to the same level of play without any complaints. As well, real physical changes inside the elbow were observed

Conclusion: The results of this study indicate that PRP is an effective option to successfully treat partial UCL tears of the elbow in athletes.

Neural Prolotherapy NPT

a new therapy procedure added to the treatment options for osteoarthritis and chronic joint, ligament and muscle pain.

Ultrasound Is Used for Needle Guidance in PRP & Prolotherapy Injection Therapy to improve accuracy and safety

Treatments I'm skilled in & certified to perform:

PRP, Plasma Rich Platelet Regenerative Injection Therapy

Neural therapy,
Trigger point therapy,
Spinal and joint adjustment
(i.e. structural realignment),
Cranial Therapy,
Ozone therapies,
herbal remedies,
Hormone balancing,
Diet and nutrition,
I.V. nutrient therapies,
Heavy metal de-tox,
Neuro Emotional Technique.

I'm committed to easing
your pain and suffering
I believe that mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is our essential nature. While our physical bodies and minds also naturally tend towards well being, we are all under pressure from counterproductive forces such as aging, gravity, poor diet and lifestyle choices, increased environmental toxins, social stresses and and generalized negative attitudes and beliefs which can switch on a detrimental genetic potential. Our bodies naturally age and decline with time. I've long been passionate about helping my patients ease these trends, reduce health risks, lessen negative genetic potential and genuinely reduce pain and suffering. It is possible with modern naturopathic medicine to improve functionality and maintain vital energy and wellness, even beyond the limits of previous generations. It's for these reasons that I am committed to finding just the right therapies that will help you work through the various layers that act as obstacles to optimal well being.

"Quick fixes" will rarely deliver sustained well-being

Many patients with both acute and chronic conditions still come looking for a quick fix or a magic pill; however, seldom does such a remedy exist. Instead, using a patient-led treatment philosophy, I help my patients to uncover the deeper causes of their health problems that may be contributing to the symptoms of pain and suffering. In this way, your body's innate self-healing can occur.

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Naturopath Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Dr. Hal Brown, B.A., D.C., N.D., R.Ac.

Licensed to practice naturopathic medicine and acupuncture in B.C.

  • Licensed naturopathic physician, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Licensed acupuncturist, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • Graduate of York University, 1971, (B.A.)
  • Graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Ont., 1977. Chiropractor (D.C.)
  • Graduate of the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto, Ontario, 1989 (N.D.)
  • Graduate of the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1993, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, acupuncturist (R.Ac.)
  • Former Instructor in and head of the Department of Physical Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, B.C., Canada
  • Co-founder and partner Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre
  • Contributor to the Textbook: Naturopathic Physical Medicine, edited by Dr. Leon Chaitow
  • Certified in Prolotherapy, Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Member of NATI (Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection) for Prolotherapy
  • Member AAOM, American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
  • published in NDNR, Naturopathic Doctor News and Review
Many persistent conditions often have solutions or help that may not be readily apparent. Such as:
  • chronic pain, neck pain, back pain
  • joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain
  • muscle, nerve and limb pains
  • sports injuries
  • motor vehicle accidents, whiplash
  • allergies
  • chronic fatigue
  • fibromyalgia
  • pain and exhaustion syndromes (FMS, CFS, EBV etc.)
  • arthritis
  • digestive and bowel disease
  • heart and vascular disease
  • diabetes & blood sugar dysfunction
  • weight loss
  • heavy metal and environmental toxicity
  • chronic infections
  • hormonal and glandular dysfunctions
  • thyroid, adrenal, male and female hormonal disturbances
  • and many others

You may have been told that your health problems are "untreatable", "nothing is wrong with you",
or "nothing can be done". You need not give up hope.

What's causing your pain and suffering?
If you're like many people, you may have already turned to your family physician, specialist, or other healthcare professional looking for a solution to your on-going health concerns. And if you're like many patients that I see everyday, the numerous treatments you've tried may have brought you only temporary relief, or possible unwanted side effects, with little or no lasting health benefits. All of which keeps you from enjoying the quality of life that you desire.
Both the underlying cause and symptoms of your health problem are addressed...
I have a special interest in searching for solutions to these types of deeper chronic health problems in order to ease your suffering. Based on your specific health and lifestyle needs, I use a wide range of scientific naturopathic techniques to customize a healing and/or preventative program for you. My unique approach addresses both the underlying cause of your health concerns along with its symptoms, in order to deliver you optimal health benefits.
A caring, empathetic relationship contributes to your healing process...
Assessing your health needs is important
Developing the most effective healing and/or preventative program possible for you is a responsibility that I take very seriously. So I take each patient relationship very personally. Assessing your health needs begins with the most important step - me listening empathetically to your history and health concerns. A thorough assessment using state-of-the-art in-clinic and outside laboratory facilities may also be used to gather more information about your situation. Should we reach the limit of medical investigation, I rely on other tools such as Vega testing and Applied Kinesiology to access more subtle signals from your body. I then use all the assessment information to develop a specific healing and/or preventative program to best suit your health and wellness needs. As a naturopath and a part of your "wellness team", I continually strive to create a safe, trusting, and open relationship with you in order to understand your health needs. This two-way communication significantly contributes to the success of your treatment and self-care programs.
Becoming a proactive participant in your own healing...
In addition to recommended naturopathic treatments, I also encourage you to actively participate in your own healing process. You dramatically improve your chances to achieve optimum self-healing and sustained well-being by raising your awareness and understanding of your own health limits and possibilities, making positive lifestyle changes, and shifting your perception of yourself, and your role, as an unwell person. As well, your on-going feedback and communication with me is a vital part of your healing process
When you're serious about healing
If you're like many of my patients who are serious about taking care of themselves, or have been on an exhaustive path in search of wellness, then I'd welcome the opportunity to meet with you. My unique educational and self-healing approach may well result in improving your health where you've met with limited success from previous methods.

Dr. Hal Brown
Naturopathic Physician
Vancouver, B.C.

Integrative awarded Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver

To our patients:
"Thank you for your acknowledgement. We are very honoured by this award in the Georgia Straight's 'Best of Health' naturopath category."
Dr. Hal Brown

Post snowstorm morning view from the clinic Tues. Nov 28/06

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